"The Music Man" came to life at Lynnville-Sully High School on Friday and Saturday, Oct. 29, and 30, 2010, under the direction of Melissa Doll and Connie Kroeze.

Hours of practice and dedication paid off when the L-S music and drama students gave two amazing performances of "The Music Man" in front of large crowds. This year's production featured local community members who shared their talents through vocal performances, set construction, and costume assitance.

"This year's musical provided an opportunity to take L-S music and drama beyond the four walls of the school. By partnering with the Diamond Trail Fine Arts Cluncil, we were able to involve community persons for vocal and accompaniment roles. We are blessed to  have students and community members with so much talent," said Melissa Doll, co-director of "The Music Man."

Some comments heard over the weekend were: "Loved the musical, great job L-S music and drama department" and "Amazing job tonight L-S Drama. 'The Music Man' was a  huge success! You kids are making us all very proud!"