sully-mayor.jpg As you drive around Sully, progress is taking place in many, shapes and forms. Work has begun on the ditch cleaning to improve water drainage. Lot #16 in the business park is being prepared so that construction of the City Maintenance Building can be started soon. Additionally, sale of a business park lot is pending for another local business. A new home is being constructed in Northridge Estates. The Coffee Cup Express began operations in June and offers a great place for families to get an ice cream or pastry treat. These types of projects promote the community and enable growth. This kind of growth will bring in revenue for the city and businesses, which help to keep taxes lower and help the two school systems within our community.

Our community has been approached with a new business opportunity. Van Wijk Winery wants to expand its wine market / production and they have chosen Sully. They plan to renovate the building on 802 4th St. into a Winery, Art Gallery, and Bed and Breakfast. Their goal is to be in production by January 2011. What are the potential benefits of this business coming to our community?

  • The property will be contributing property taxes to the city, county, and school.
  • People unfamiliar with our community will be visiting the winery because it will be listed on the Heart of Iowa Wine Trail. This provides an opportunity for these people to see what our community has to offer and possibly consider it as a place to live or relocate a business to.
  • Our other businesses in town have an opportunity to benefit from the increased number of visitors.
  • The Van Wyk family and the families of their two sons would like to relocate to Sully. This could result in the sale of 3 homes in Sully. Plus, their children will become enrolled in one of the schools.

The Van Wyks envision a small boutique winery. Winery ambiance inside and out will be tastefully done in a blend of Tuscany colors and styles, castle/Renaissance features, and complemented by stone and iron accents. The lower level will have a distinct wine cellar design and be used for production of 18 different wines. The upper level and yard area will be used for hosting wine tastings, private parties, and viewing featured PG and PG-13 (edited) movies. Existing angle parking located in front of the building and side streets will be utilized. Their target market is middle-to-upper income patrons who enjoy learning about wine, watching movies, and enjoy easy listening music.

Winery production goals are to produce 600 cases the first year with a goal of 600 additional cases each year for the next 4 years with 5,000 cases by year 5 made from partly bulk juice and partly purchased grapes. You can see their merchandise on the web at

Movie night would be every Friday night (outdoors when possible) and feature easy listening music on weekend afternoons/or evenings – if possible with live bands. Throughout the week, the winery could hold educational classes on wine tasting, cooking with wine, etc. Each week the bistro would feature a different “world” cuisine. At different times of the year, special events will be held to attract people to the winery and Sully.

This is a different kind of business for our community. The City Council and Sully Development asks everyone to remain open minded about it. The City Council understands that there are concerns and questions that need to be addressed. Everyone in the community is encouraged to contact a councilman so that these can be addressed and everyone can make an informed decision.
Mayor, City of Sully -  Gordon Yarrington