fastˍtraxˍ2009.jpgA new building brings new potential. Since the start of the recession at the end of 2007, many businesses and people have been affected by the declining economy. Fast Trax in Sully is one of those businesses that were affected a bit by the recession.

“Business has gone downhill the last 3 years due to the economy,” said Fast Trax owner Craig Maasdam.

According to Maasdam, Fast Trax was incorporated in November 1994, and was established by Maasdam. Fast Trax sells and services Motorsports, watercrafts, ATV and utility vehicles, recreational vehicles, a full line of clothing and gear, and much more. The two brands affiliated with Fast Trax are Kawasaki and Bombardier. Since its establishment, there have been only minor improvements to the business until the construction of a new building this year.

“I created the new building by the highway to get more exposure. By creating a new building, I can offer more than in the past and display more of the merchandise. I hope this new building will encourage more business and local support,” he said.

According to Maasdam, most of his support is from out of town, but he would like to see that change.

“Some of the community support businesses out of the area rather than going local. Some of the community doesn’t even think of looking local and doing business with a business that is more close to home. I have supported the community throughout the years, and I hope this new building can draw the locals into looking into the business more instead of going out of town and generate more business from outside the area as well,” he said.

Maasdam purchased the land for the building eight years ago and plans to have the new building open at the beginning of April 2010. By Taylor Van De Krol – L-S Journalism 11-09