You have no doubt heard about a project to try and construct a better and straighter road from Interstate 80 to Pella.  When the EarthPark project ended, you may have thought the road project ended with it.  It did not.  The City of Pella was able to secure a federal grant to complete a Feasibility Study for the road.  The engineering firm of CH2MHill from DesMoines, was selected to do the Feasibility Study.

truck-i-80.jpgThe current project scope is to complete the Feasibility Study by the end of October.  The Feasibility Study will clarify the need for a new/improved highway and address which general routes satisfy such needs. The Feasibility Study will evaluate multiple corridors (west, north, and east) in order to narrow the three potential corridors to a single corridor.   You can think of a corridor as a slice of pie, with Pella being the point of the pie slice and each I80 exit in Jasper County to create the slice outline.  After a corridor is selected, a Location Study Project will determine the specific road route within the corridor.  Additional funding must be acquired to do the Location Study Project.

To help the engineering firm on its task,  Sully Development and the City of Sully was asked to gather truck traffic information for the study team to use in its corridor analysis.  21 businesses in the Sully area provided estimates on the trucks the business sent out and the trucks that brought product to their business.  Each of us knows that our community has a lot of truck traffic, but the truck data will surprise you.  On an annual basis, it is estimated there are 39,138 trucks going from and 75,572 trucks coming into our community for a total of 114,710.  It is hoped that the truck data will help justify the selection of the corridor that uses the Kellogg/Sully I80 exit.