gordon-yarrington.jpgLast month the City Council adopted a new process to handle complaint issues and city code violations. Why did Sully need to adopt this process? Since the City of Sully no longer has local law enforcement we needed a way to address violation issues and enforce rules covered by City Code. Examples would be blocking alleys, burning in the ditches, animal control, etc. For each of these items Sully has a city code that requires the citizens to act in ways that are respectful of their neighbors. Sully does have a 28E agreement with the Jasper County Sherriff’s Department which covers enforcement of State and County codes, but not enforcement of codes at the city level. The reason being cities within Jasper County all have their own codes that in many cases are written differently with different expectations.

A few incidents over the last 12 months revealed that the City Government did not have a good method of recourse in place to enforce city code and ensure that everyone in the City was protected and given the quality of life they deserve.  Therefore, with the help of the City Attorney a standardized process was created and approved by the Council in order to enforce rules and help citizens resolve violation issues.  Following is a summary of the process the City Council has put into place.  A copy of the process and related forms can be obtained from the City Clerk or Click Here for an electronic version.

  1. If a citizen is having a problem and contacts the Mayor or a Council Member; you will be asked to fill out a Citizen Complaint Form.  Photographs of the infraction provide proof of the offense and will be helpful as the complaints are reviewed.  Photos can be e-mailed to the City Clerk or printed off and attached to the complaint form.  You will be required to sign this form; as no action will be taken on forms that are not signed.
  2. All complaints will be reviewed by the Mayor and one other Council Member.  You will be notified of the City’s decision not pursue your complaint and why it is not being pursued.
  3. If the City finds that the complaint is valid, the information contained on the form will be used to create the abatement notice.   A Notice of Violation and Warning will be issued to the person(s) violating the ordinance.  This notice will be sent by registered mail.  The offender will have a specified time to correct, abate or cease the violation.  Failure to correct the violation within the specified time period, or in the event of a second complaint after the first abatement period has expired, will result in a municipal infraction citation being issued.
  4. If a municipal Infraction citation is issued and the recipient decides not to correct the matter, this will then be turned over to the Jasper County court system.  Conviction for violating a Sully ordinance is punishable by a fine of $100 for a first offense; $200 for a second offense, and $300 plus a required court appearance for each subsequent offense. 

The City’s ordinances are put into place to give the quality of life that citizens expect from a community.  If you have any concerns or questions regarding this new process, please contact the Mayor or a Council Member who will be happy to answer any questions.