gordon-yarrington.jpg The City of Sully's budget is a topic for discussion at the regular council meeting on Monday, Feb. 8. I would like to give you a summary of the totals and a small list of some of the items that are included for the next year.

The total estimated income for 2010-11 is $1,160,346. This is estimated because we do not know what the roll back will be on the tax levy by the state. Typically, each year the city takes in less income from taxes due to the roll back. The expenses for this fiscal year are set at $1,174,965, which is $14,619 above what is being taken in. The city has a savings account that the overage can be taken from. During the year, the council will continue to look for areas to trip expenses without cutting services to the residents of Sully.

Some of the items in the budget for this year are:

  1. Re-working the northeast area of the town’s water system to eliminate water issues residence have in a two-block area
  2. Ditch cleanout for rain water removal, digging the ditches out to remove water from our streets
  3. Replacing the city maintenance building
  4. Replacing playground equipment in the ballpark area that was removed a year ago
  5. Improving the ball diamonds’ water drainage and playing surface for little league and school usage
  6. Finish updating the water meters to radio read meters for accuracy of readings and efficiency in obtaining record usage
  7. Replace the tiles/curtains in the community center and Library and Fitness Center

Some of the items that we would like to fund but are not able to at this time are new dugouts at the ballpark at $10,000 and resurfacing the tennis court at $20,000. These will not happen in the coming year. If a group in the city would like to spearhead raising funds for one or both of these projects, the city would review trying to match the funds raised.  The main project for 2010-11 will be the construction of the city maintenance building. When faced with putting several thousands of dollars into the existing structure and remain with an old building, it was decided to investigate selling the current city property and rebuild a new facility in the business park. The current location has been sold to SCE, allowing them further expansion, and the city will build a new facility to better fit our needs.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact myself or any of the council members. We will be happy to answer your questions. 

Gordon Yarrington, Mayor City of Sully