gordon-yarrington.jpgSully has adopted new ordinances to control dogs and cats within the city limits of Sully. The City has had animals that were not controlled by owners or allowed to run loose and caused injury to citizens. The city is setting up a licensing of all dogs, cats, and ferrets that will be enforced by April 1, 2011. This process will start January 1, 2011, and pet owners will have 3 months in which to license their pets. After April 1, 2011, there will be a penalty for late registration. 

Any pet that is “at large” meaning - 1) An animal is not confined on the premises of its owner, 2) A dog is not under leash, at heel, or under the immediate, direct control of the person having possession of the dog, 3) A cat not in the physical control of its owner, or 4) An animal not restrained within a motor vehicle, housed in a veterinary hospital or kennel.

All dogs and cats or ferrets over six (6) months of age kept, harbored, or maintained by their owner in the City shall be licensed by the owner. Such license shall be issued by the designated authority on payment of a license fee of ten dollars ($10.00) per year for each animal. Every owner shall obtain the license not later than April 1 in each year, if not paid by April 1 of each year there will be an additional ten dollars ($10.00) late penalty fee assessed to cost of the license fee. The license fee for any dog, cat, or ferret in which the owner provides proof from a licensed veterinarian that it has been spayed or neutered is eight dollars ($8.00) per year. Surcharge of five dollars ($5.00) will be added to the license fee of any dog, cat, or ferret where owner has 3 or more such animals, the owner shall state at the time of obtaining the license, his name and address, and the name, breed, color, and sex of each dog or cat or ferret kept by them. The provisions of this section shall not be intended to apply to dogs or cats or ferrets whose owners are nonresidents temporarily within the City, kennel dogs and cats (in kennels licensed by the State of Iowa), or show dogs or cats; provided, that such except dogs and cats are kept restrained by the owner at all times.

Every owner of a dog or cat required to be licensed under this article shall obtain a rabies vaccination for such animal. Before a license under this article is used for any dog or cat, the owner shall present evidence that the dog or cat has been vaccinated against rabies. Such evidence shall be a certificate of vaccination, signed by a licensed veterinarian and the certificate shall show that the vaccination does not expire within six (6) months from the effective date of the dog, cat, or ferret license.
Any animal turned into the city officials shall be quarantined and every attempt shall be made to return to the rightful owner. 1) If an animal is not licensed and this Chapter requires licensing, after the payment of the licensing fees and expenses and satisfying all other requirements of this section. 2) If the animal is licensed, or if a license is not required by this Chapter, by paying the impoundment fees and expenses and satisfy all other requirements as set forth herein. 3) The animal must be vaccinated for rabies before release if no current records are available, the person reclaiming the animal shall pay all fees for the vaccination.

A full copy of the ordinance is available to anyone who would like to review this information.  Please pick this up at the City of Sully Clerk’s office during normal business hours.

Thank you, Mayor Gordon Yarrington