The Sully City Council has adopted a new animal protection and control ordinance that became effective on September 29th.

As part of this new ordinance any one household cannot possess more than a combined total of five (5) dogs, cats and ferrets over the age of six months; provided that no more than three (3) of these animals are dogs.  The exception to this would be if the household legally possessed more than the permitted number of animals prior to January 1, 2011 and those animals were licensed according to the provisions of the ordinance.

All dogs, cats and ferrets over six (6) months of age kept within the city shall be licensed by the owner.  The license fee of $10 for each animal must be paid by April 1st each year.  The license fee for each animal will be reduced to $8 if the owner provides proof from a licensed veterinarian that the animal has been spayed or neutered.  A surcharge of $5 will be added to the license fee of any dog, cat or ferret where the owner has 3 or more such animals.  Pet owners should watch for licensing information to be mailed out before the end of the year.

All animals need to be attached to a leash when on any property other than the owner’s property; the leash must be held by a person capable of restraining and controlling the animal; and the owner or person supervising the animal shall pick up all animal wastes.

Any animal which has killed or inflicted injury to any person or animal; has a tendency to attack or cause injury; and any dog of a breed known to have a disposition to be of a vicious nature is considered a vicious animal and may be impounded if it is determined the animal poses an immediate threat to the public health or safety.

These are the major changes that pet owners, as well as the public, need to be aware of; and a complete copy of the ordinance is available for viewing at the city office.  The animal protection and control ordinance was reviewed and revised in its entirety in an effort to improve animal protection and control regulations for the safety and well being of the public.