Officials with the Iowa Department of Transportation (DOT) remind campaigners of the statutory and regulatory requirements applicable to the placement of political campaign signs. A section of the Iowa DOT’s Web site is devoted to answering the most frequently asked questions about legal posting of such signs. The information is available at:ˍsignˍinfo.html

"We realize that most sign violations are the result of efforts of ardent campaign supporters who are unfamiliar with the law. Therefore, the Iowa DOT has prepared information to be used as a guide for political candidates, party chairs, campaign workers, and election officials, to help them become acquainted with the laws before this year's signs are posted," said Iowa DOT spokeswoman Dena Gray-Fisher. 

The Iowa DOT is urging individuals to visit the Web site or visit with their political headquarters to insure campaign signs are properly placed and to avoid having signs removed from the public right of way.