garrettyoungacceptsaward.jpgNovember 30, 2009 Sully Iowa, USA - Prism Projection Inc. is proud to announce that its RevEAL Color Wash lighting fixture has been awarded Best Debuting Product for Lighting at the LDI 2009 Trade Show and Conference held in Orlando, Florida. Products being unveiled for the first time at LDI are eligible for the award, and winners are selected by a secret panel of industry experts. The award was presented in ceremony at the LDI exhibit hall on November 21st.

The Color Wash is the first product released by RevEAL, Revolutionary Entertainment & Architectural Lighting™.

After the awards ceremony, Prism Projection’s president and founder Garrett Young shared his thoughts on the award: “The RevEAL CW is our first product for entertainment lighting and this our first time exhibiting at LDI. To have the industry welcome us with this award is truly a great honor. This award really has me energized to get back to the team in the lab and finish up the products we have on our roadmap for the line.”Mr. Young continued, “Our R&D department and manufacturing team have been working so hard over the past year to get this product ready. The Best Debuting Product Award really validates the effort everyone has put into the RevEAL Color Wash.”

The RevEAL Color Wash is a fixed focus, soft edged lighting fixture that uses LEDs to create a fully homogenized beam driven by a revolutionary color engine. Unlike other LED based lighting fixtures, the shadow that is cast does not have multiple images or distracting color fringing. Using a unique mix of LEDs gives the Color Wash a very large color gamut and a CRI above 95, allowing it to be directly focused on a performer, with a quality previously only achieved through traditional light sources.

The integrated closed loop optical feedback system and innovative methods for driving LEDs incorporated in the RevEAL Color Wash give the unit calibrated specifiable color, unlocking the potential for using LEDs as a primary illuminating source. At a total power draw of 83 watts and Lumen output of 3820, the RevEAL Color Wash is an efficient 46 lumens per watt.

Extending the potential for designers, each color mode may be controlled by 8 or 16 bit DMX values. Color modes include XY coordinates, RGB, and Hue Saturation Intensity. An additional channel may be added for white light output with adjustable calibrated color temperature of 1,800K up to 10,000K. All modes include a dimmer channel as well. Lensing options are 27°, 37°, 50°, 70°, 90° and a special 30°x70° rectangular beam.

The RevEAL line of fixtures is manufactured in the United States at Prism Projection’s headquarters. For more information please visit

Located in Sully Iowa, Prism Projection has assembled a world-class collection of engineering talent, incorporating specialists in optics, electronics, software, material science, mechanical design and manufacturing management. Dedicated to solving difficult and unique optical and electronic challenges, Prism provides contract engineering services and manufactures its own products. Prism Projection is proud to be a member of the rural Iowa community.