By Kaid Weideman, Lynnville-Sully Journalism 12-08

In addition to Tim Dunsbergen’s new building, Marlo Jansen is also relocating Star Auto to the new business park on the west side of Sully. With dirt work that began in the latter part of November, the construction will soon begin for the new building.

It was evident to Jansen that things would have to change when they began filling their old space with trucks that needed repairs. With a minimum amount of space to work with, business could easily become confusing.

“Over the years we’ve just outgrown our building. It was time for a change, and I thought that the new business district would be a great place for our new building,” said Jansen.

Star Auto, a local business that specializes in engine and transmission repairs, hopes that the relocation of their business will be more accessible and efficient for customers as well as workers. With added space there will be more room for keeping vehicles both inside and outside of the shop, a must since most of the vehicles they work with are large.

“It will be nice to have more space. My main hope is that it will be more convenient for customers,” said Jansen.

This addition will make it easier for customers to maneuver around when bringing in or picking up their large vehicles. It should also make it easier for the workers to get more done as they won’t have to be constantly moving vehicles in and out of the building.

Star Auto hopes to have the new building up by July of 2009 and will begin to move as soon as possible. As for the move, Jansen thinks that it could take anywhere from one to three weeks to move in.