What do Sully and Sully Development, Inc have in common?  The answer is that they work together to help achieve and promote the following Sully attributes.

  • An affordable place to own a home with a property tax levy that is one of the lowest in the area
  • A progressive community that offers a safe and quality living environment
  • A caring and helpful community to raise a family in
  • Two good school systems that provide a quality education
  • 75+ businesses that provide employment and services
  • Centrally located between Pella, Newton, and Grinnell and their employment opportunities

sully-business-park.jpg Sully Development's primary role is to identify and propose projects to the Sully City Council that will help to increase the city's overall taxable valuation.  Two such projects were the Sully Business Park and Northridge Estates, an 18 lot residential development.  Prior to these projects, there were no available locations for businesses or homeowners to build on.   Sully Development assisted in land negotiations, determining the lot designs, and determination of project costs and funding options.  While these two projects are completed, new business opportunities and ways to assist existing businesses will continue to be sought.


Promoting Sully and the area is the next area of emphasis for Sully Development.  The promotion projects that will be considered:

  1. Sully Ambassadors - When the local businesses and schools are interviewing prospective employees, a Sully Ambassador can be called to sell the prospect on the community of Sully.  The plan is to have 2-3 persons make up the Sully Ambassador team.  The Sully Ambassador will give the prospect and their spouse a tour and description of the community.
  2. Welcome Wagon - The community needs to make families moving into the community feel welcome.  To accomplish this, a group of persons need to be found to make contact with new "move-ins". 
  3. Sully Promotion Program - Sully is known for Lynnville-Sully School, Sully Transport, Sully Cooperative Exchange (SCE), and the Coffee Cup Café.  While these are all good things, it is also important to attract families and businesses.  To accomplish this, other methods and forms of promoting Sully needs to be identified.  This project cannot be solely Sully.  It must also include the community of Lynnville, Sully Christian School, and Lynnville-Sully Community School.





Anyone in the community who is interested in any of the above projects or becoming a member of Sully Development is encouraged to contact the City of Sully (641-594-3473), who will pass the info onto Sully Development.