December is here. There is snow on the ground. The wind is howling. I hate winter. I remember things as I look back over 2008. I'm a senior citizen now. I looked back at several decades of my life.

I haven't gotten very far in life. I wasted years doing things that were stupid. I didn't think very well, but had a hoot at it anyway. I raced and wrecked motorcycles and cars. I went down Red Rock Dam in an old dump truck when a cable broke that was supposed to let me down slowly. It was quite a ride. I walked a TV antenna up my roof and into some power line that burned my antenna in half. I got some sort of jolt. I slid down the shingles and dropped to the ground. It was only a 7 or 8 foot drop.

A lot of people wondered how I lived long enough to be a senior citizen. One of my relatives figured it out. He said only the good die young!" I'm old and battered now. I rarely leave home except for work. I have become paranoid and scared of a few things.

My fear of going to see the dentist overshadows all the rest. This terror started years ago when I went to some quack that claimed to be dentist. It was before the days of air conditioning and a deadening agent that worked. He shot a load of Novocain in my gums that would kill a small pony. The Novocain lasted one hour. The torture lasted for over two.

He finally got the top two ripped out. I thought about making a run for it, but he had his knees on the arms of the dentist chair. I couldn’t move. When he was finally done, I staggered to my feet and wobbled for the door. He said, "Have a nice day. I'll send you the bill." I said, "Go ahead you @#%* quack? I'll sue you for assault!"

I had many bad experiences with dentists over the last four decades. One was just a few weeks ago. I had an appointment for November 18. I got a call on November 17. The receptionist said the appointment was changed to December 13. It was fine with me, the longer away the better. They had done a root canal on me earlier. I was afflicted with a growth of Infection on my jaw about the size of an egg. This Is why I had to go back.

November 18 was a Saturday, the day of the week I can sleep In. At 8:00 am sharp the phone rang. I awoke with a start. It was the dentist's receptionist. . "Why aren't you here?" she demanded. I said, "Because some genius in your office told me not to show up." "You were supposed to show up November 18 and December 13. How soon can you be here?" she demanded. "About 30 minutes" I said. "Fine" she said, "get up here!"

I hurried to get to the office. A lady took me to my chair. The dentist came in. He grabbed my cheek, shaking It violently and shot me full of Novocain. They then took x-rays. The dentist said they decided to wait till December 13. I stumbled to my car. Half of my head was paralyzed from the shot. I said something awful to the receptionist. She didn't understand me because only half my mouth was moving. I drove home with a paper towel in my mouth so I wouldn’t drool. I'm not going back.