I saw in the Des Moines paper once that an electric car was being tested. A family was using it for their main source of transportation.

The story made me laugh. The car was able to go 15 miles between charges. Whoopty doo. I live 18 miles from my job. What am I going to do when this contraption grinds to a stop and I still have three miles to go? Does it come with foot pedals?

After two days of missing work I would be fired, but it all would be worthwhile because my car did not put out any deadly fumes. Of course if I lost control of this speedy vehicle and tipped it over I would probably be burned with acid. I presume a battery that powers a car has acid.

I'm one of those awful people that doesn't believe any of the environmental hazard crap. I believe there is plenty of oil out there. I don't believe that belching cows are ruining our air. I don't believe that combine dust needs to be eliminated. Even with my imagination, I don't know how the government is going to eliminate combine harvest dust. I'm guessing farmers will not be allowed to plant beans and corn. All the cows will have to be kiilled and buried in mass graves.

So we'll have no vegetables and no meat and no milk. I presume we'll all die of starvation or melt to death in battery-powered cars. We'll all be sitting on the side of the road, two or three miles from our destination. Of course we'll croak because the air conditioner won't work and we won't be able to roll our windows down because the stupid battery is dead!

I don't belive any of the environmental warming crap. I don't believe polar bears are dying because they can't find ice chunks to float on. I thought they could swim. What if they do die? How exactly is this going to affect me?

I'm not worried about my chilldren's and grandchildren's future. I made it through life and was not affected by not eating polar bear much.

I am worried about Obama and his never-ending money printing press. If any environmental whacko would take a look at this press, they would see it is putting out some hazardous fume from being overworked and should be stoped immediately.

The United States is far and away the greatest country in the world. I'm not sure how long it will be that way because of the environmental nit-wits and the stupid political nincompoops that are ruining this country!