Water Meter Replacement Program. In 2008 the City of Sully began a program to replace existing water meters with new radio read meters and the program continues with the goal being to get all water meters replaced this year.  These new radio read meters transmit meter readings by radio frequency to a laptop computer and then the readings are downloaded into the utility billing program. This method makes readings more accurate and is more efficient when creating customer bills.

Letters containing program details will be sent out to residents by meter book groups so not all residents will receive a letter at the same time.  The first group of letters was mailed January 28.  Rod Rozendaal, owner of Rozendaal Drain Cleaning Inc., has been contracted to replace the water meters for the city.  Once you receive your letter you will need to contact Rod to set a time that would work best for you or someone in your household to be at your residence for the meter replacement.

Replacement of your existing water meter is mandatory so your cooperation in this matter will be greatly appreciated.  Questions regarding the meter replacement program may be directed to a Council Member or the Public Works Director.