If a visitor to Sully asks you to describe Sully, what do you tell them? Do you tell them it is a quiet, clean, and caring community? Maybe you even tell them that Sully is the trucking capital of the state. If you were the visitor, would these descriptions cause you to consider relocating here? Probably not!

When posed with this question, do you realize that you’ve just become a participant in the economic development effort for the city? Most people believe the responsibility for promoting our community falls on the shoulders of the Sully city council and Sully Development, the local economic development group. These two groups do have the primary responsibility, but this only represents 10-12 persons to get the word out. That is not enough.

Each community member must communicate information that families and businesses will use in their decision process. Your ability to do this will increase the possibility of the family or business considering our community. Visitors need to be told the following information:

  • Low Property Tax Rate @ $31.87/$1,000
  • $125,000 Revolving Loan Fund - Available to assist persons wishing to start a business and existing businesses wanting to expand
  • Two quality school systems - Lynnville-Sully Community Schools (K-12), Sully Christian Grade School (K-8)
  • Affordable Childcare and Free Pre-School - Inspirations Childcare and Pre-School, Diamond Trail Children’s Center & Pre-School
  • Northridge Estates - New Residential Housing Development - 14 lots (1/3 acre) for available for sale, Prices: $1 to $25,000, Located close to L-S schools
  • Nine businesses have moved into the Sully Business Park since its development in 2003. Five, 1 acre lots remain for sale.
  • Large Community Amenities: physician, dentist, chiropractor, fitness center, physical therapy, golf course, parks, playgrounds, churches
  • 75+ Businesses that provide a full compliment of products and services for home and business
  • Two great restaurants (Coffee Cup Café & Linden House)
  • Grass Airstrip – A unique characteristic for our community and only one of a very limited number in the state

As a resident of our community, don’t under-estimate the impact you can have on Sully’s economic development effort to attract families and businesses. Don’t avoid the opportunity to approach a visitor and let them know what a great community we live in and that we would love to have them join us.

~ Teryl VerPloeg