van-wijk-winery-jan-2011.jpgWork on changes and renovation of the former Community Church to become the home for the Van Wijk Winery are in full gear.  Current activities center around preparing the building for the installation of heating and cooling.   Jon and Adam Van Wyk, sons of Roger and Rebecca Van Wyk, are construction and landscaping project managers for Van Wijk Investments LLC.  The family expects to complete the deconstruction phase of the project in March and are meeting or exceeding all DNR requirements. 

Jon’s area of focus is the interior and Adam’s area of focus is the exterior, and they encourage bids from local suppliers/contractors.   The family can be reached through the contact us page of the website.  The next phases are tentatively planned for (1) Construction:  Mar – May, (2) Interior Design: May, (3) Exterior Landscaping: June, (4) Soft Opening: July 4 is tentatively planned to open the tasting room, (5) Grand Opening: TBD – depending on weather and progress on other phases.