Infiltration: The Sully City Council is in the process of tackling the infiltration problem in our sewer system with the help of Garden & Associates Engineering. Infiltration is ground water that is filtering into the sewer system and not draining down through the ground. This is causing two problems: 1) the water is causing the sewer lines to overfill backing waste water into basements and 2) allowing too much runoff water into our lagoon system pushing high ammonia levels into the discharge stream.

Our first look was to line the mains but found that this would only reduce the infiltration by roughly 20% at a very high cost to the city. We were directed to look at a higher percentage which comes from the connections between the home to the main sewer line. This has been determined by other cities working on the same issue. The engineering firm looked at the topography of the city and determined where the low / flat areas are that do not allow the water to drain away. Three areas were selected in the southwest and west central areas of Sully. In these areas, the engineering firm is putting a plan together to install new connections from the home to the main line.

Much discussion has taken place as how to pay for this undertaking and the council at this time is leaning towards funding the project through the sewer fees and applying for a low interest loan through the State of Iowa. Please keep tuned to the local newspaper to see what is taking place or attend the regular council meeting to voice your views.

Pet Licensing:  Pet licensing, why in small town Sully? In 2010, Sully had four major incidents involving dogs. Two people were bitten, one person chased,and another person’s pets attacked. With all these incidents taking place, we had no way of knowing whose animal they were and if they belonged to a person in town or if they were strays. This led the council to take action to control the pets within the city limits of Sully.

I have been asked several times why should I get a license for my pet? If you choose not to license your pet by April 1,2011, and your pet is picked up running loose, the fine for not having your pet licensed is high and you will still have to pay for the license before the pet will be released. You will have to produce current shot records or the pet will have shots given and if not claimed within a specified time limit the animal will be disposed of. I have two pets and this is the last thing I’d want the city to have to do--dispose of someone’s pet which is why if they have the license on them then we can return the pet to its rightful owner.

Please take the time to register your dog or cat with the City Clerk ASAP. After April 1, 2011, the city staff will collect any animal running at large, which is against city ordinance. We will make every attempt to find the owner by placing ads in the newspapers. Any questions or concerns, please contact one of the council members, the city clerk, or myself.

Thank you, Gordon Yarrington, Mayor.