Do you display the number of your house correctly?  Displaying house numbers properly is important for receiving deliveries, making it easy for friends and relatives to find your house if they haven’t been there before, and for quick response in emergency situations.  Living in a small town does not guarantee that everyone knows where you live so having your house number displayed correctly could save your life.

Because you are so familiar with your house number, sometimes it’s difficult to notice if the number is not displayed properly.  Many houses have numbers that are barely visible, particularly in the dark.  This can pose significant issues with response time from emergency personnel and also hinders postal service and our public works department.

City code requires that owners display the assigned house number in a conspicuous place facing the street in numbers at least 2½ inches high in a color that contrasts with their background.  Residents who do not have house numbers displayed on the front of their homes are asked to remedy the situation as soon as possible.