In the 2011 Sully Fourth of July Photography Contest, there were 43 entries. A photo of a fawn by Mary Fopma of rural Grinnell won the “Best of Show” plaque and also the first place ribbon in the Adult Color-Other category. After the first three places were determined in each category, the first place entries were judged for the “Best of Show” award. The list of winners is:

Best of Show: Mary Fopma, Fawn

Adult Color-Other

  1. Mary Fopma, Fawn
  2. Robert Sward, Frost on the Window
  3. Paul Hackert, Call of the Wild

Adult Color-People

  1. Angie Ver Ploeg, Patriotic Princess
  2. Sharon Fopma, I do
  3. Lynnette Fikse, Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder

Adult Color-Places

  1. Lynnette Fikse, Northwest Iowa
  2. Russ Rozendaal, How Great Thou Art-Glacier National Park
  3. Paul Hackert, Done Fishin’

Adult Black & White

  1. Becky Ochsner, Fly In and Stay Awhile

Youth Color-Other

  1. Sharlee Fopma, Looking Up
  2. Miles Goodyk, A Butterfly Garden Beauty
  3. Erica Van Soelen

Youth Color-People

     1. Sarah Fopma, Kite Flying on the Beach

Youth Color-Places

  1. Sarah Fopma, Crescent Beach-Oregon Coast
  2. Sharlee Fopma, Sunset on the Beach
  3. Sarah Fopma, Seal Rock-Oregon Coast

Computer Enhanced

1. Erica Van Soelen