altI am thinking that this year is the “Year of the Skunk!” There have been more skunks invading our community than any of the years I have lived in Sully. Please be careful when encountering a skunk, use caution, and please notify a city councilman, mayor, or the city office and let us know where it was seen and, if known, where it went. The city has a skunk trap we will loan out to try and capture the critter and dispose of it properly. The trap is designed to not allow the skunk to spray but if the trap is tripped again, contact the city to come and remove it from your yard.

Community Service:Important topic when it comes to any community but especially a small community. Larger communities have more resources to pull from but the decision to run for a city council position is not easy no matter what size community you live in. I appreciate those who have served, are serving, and would like to serve. This year, the City of Sully has three council positions and the mayor position on the ballot and I would encourage you to think about filling out nomination papers if you are interested in local government. I am not saying that the positions are easy and that the decisions made are agreeable to all. One cannot look at the positions for monetary gain, the pay versus hours put into the work is not the reason for the service. The knowledge gained by working through the day-to-day issues within a city of 900+ people is amazing. There are pains with the positions, such as witnessing home owners’ basements with water backed up makes you want to do more to relieve their frustration. Items that are facing our community are the water infiltration issue with limited resources and involvement in city activities like the Sully 4th of July.

If you have a desire to serve and feel that you could bring a valuable solution to the City of Sully’s issues, please take time to fill out a nomination form. I appreciate you taking the time to consider this!

Thank you, Mayor Gordon Yarrington