What would be your position regarding the following statements about the city and community of Sully:

•  Sully is a good place to raise a family.
•  You have a sense of pride when describing Sully to visitors.
•  Sully has many of the amenities of larger communities, but there are some still missing.
•  Sully’s property taxes are reasonable.
•  Sully needs to continue its efforts to attract new residents and businesses.

If you agreed or even if you dis-agreed with these statements, you have a responsibility to help in some way to make Sully a better place to live.  There are several ways in which you can make a contribution.  One way is to become a member of the city council.  As a city councilman, you will have an opportunity to make decisions on issues and changes that will have a direct impact on the community.   The community of Sully is blessed with many people, who care about Sully and would make good council members.   Don’t wait to be asked.

The process to have your name on the ballot is very simple.  The City Clerk can provide you with the nomination petition.  Have the petition signed by 10 people, who live in Sully.  August 29 is the first day that the petition can be turned back into the City Clerk.  September 22 is the last day that the petition can be turned in.  Before turning it in, you (the candidate) must sign the petition in front of a notary.

Sully’s future depends upon its residents stepping up to serve.  Make the decision today to be one of the candidates for one of the three vacant seats on the Sully City Council.  Help keep our community strong.