Farmers have begun another harvest season and with harvest comes increased traffic from slow-moving farm vehicles on the roadways.  Statistics for 2009 show a total of 208 crashes involving farm equipment.

Tips for motorists
• Be alert and always watch for slow-moving vehicles, especially during the fall harvest season
• Be patient and do not assume the farmer can move aside to let you pass.  The shoulder may be unable to support a heavy farm vehicle.
• Be particularly cautious as you approach curves and hills along the roadways.
• Slow down as soon as you see the triangular-shaped, red and fluorescent orange, slow-moving vehicle emblem.

Tips for farm vehicle operators
• Make your intentions known when you are turning by using your turn signal or the appropriate hand signal in advance of a turn.
• Drive slow-moving vehicles in the right-hand lane as close to the edge of the roadway as safely possible.  Traveling half on the shoulder may cause motorists to risk passing in a dangerous situation.
• Avoid encouraging or signaling motorists to pass.  Pull over where it is safe and let the traffic go by.
• Mount slow-moving vehicle emblems as high as possible on your equipment.
• Replace faded and worn slow-moving emblems, and clean any dirty emblems.