Looking back on 2011 ,  the year was filled with more questions than answers. We have learned that there are very few things that are stable. The one thing that remained stable was the $1 lot program for Northridge Estates. This is coming to a close and if you are thinking of building, the next  two  months will be when you should consider purchasing a lot. After December 31, 2011 ,  the price s  of the lots are going to return to the original cost of the lots, $20-25 ,000 range. Please contact Home Realty - Beryl Dunsbergen, if you are interested in purchasing a lot to build your new home. It is good to see the  three  homes that are built in Northridge and your lot is waiting for you. The number of homes for sale in Sully has  decreased, it is good to see activity in Sully with people moving into their first home or a change in location!

In 2012,  the focus will be on :

1)  Water infiltration in the sewer to reduce/minimize the intake from ground water. The city maintenance team has completed a smoke test of the lines and have located several areas where smoke came up through the ground and the city will start to put  a  plan of action in place to work on those areas. We will continue to look at the feeder lines that are coming into the trunk lines in the sewer system to repair the ones contributing the most ground water to our system. 

2)  Patching streets, there are a couple speed bumps that were not planned to be speed bumps that we will be looking at to make the street acceptable again. 

3)  The ditch cleaning will continue to be worked on to move the surface water away from the properties and not allow it to soak into the sewer system.

If you have ideas of things you need the city to consider  when the budgeting process takes place in December, please contact a councilperson to let them know your thoughts and ideas for us to consider for the next fiscal year.

Thank you for making Sully a great community to live in!

Mayor Gordon