A new year is upon us and I cannot complain about the winter season of 2012. There are five items that are coming that are noteworthy:

1) Soon to come is a questionnaire that will be asking for your opinion on how the City of Sully is doing on different items. This is one way to give the Sully City Council your feedback and direction and help us know where we are making a difference and where we need to step up to the plate and make a change. The more responses we receive, the better direction we can have in what the community of Sully is seeing and needing.

2) Another part of this questionnaire is community activities. Sully is known for the Fourth of July celebration but what else is there that you would like to see happen in Sully and would take an active part in working to make happen. Sully has a Continuous Improvement attitude. If we do not look to improve, we become stale. When people look for communities to move to, they are looking for one that is active and fresh.

3) In 2012, the City of Sully is taking a hard look at water infiltration into our sanitary sewer system and how we can divert clean water (rain) from reaching the sanitary system. One of these projects will be discussed this coming week during the city council meeting. I would encourage you to come and listen or discuss this project with a city representative.

4) The City of Sully is going to work on the tennis court this year, either relocating or upgrading the current one. If you have an interest in helping with this project, please contact me and give your input about it.

5) Another activity we are working to provide to companies in the Sully community is the Sully Ambassadors. This is service to businesses that are bringing people into the community to hire for a open position and would like a couple people to escort them around the Sully/Lynnville area to show them what the community has to offer them in the way of housing, schools, churches, recreation, businesses, etc., giving them a taste of the Sully community and showing them the Sully quality of life that we have all come to enjoy. If you are interested in hearing more, talk to a Sully Betterment member or give me a call.

As always, please call me or talk to me when you see me. Let me know what is on your mind and things we can look at improving. You have a great opportunity with the coming questionnaire, so please take the time to fill it out and return it so you can have a larger impact on our community.