In the next few weeks, residents and non-residents of Sully will have an opportunity to provide their input on changes and improvements you believe would be helpful to the community of Sully.  This will be an opportunity for you to anonymously grade the city’s services and facilities plus share your thoughts/opinions about the needs of the Sully community.  The Sully Betterment Committee is developing a “City of Sully Questionnaire” that will assist in identifying and planning projects and their priorities.   It is important that several people provide responses.  Your input will help direct Sully’s future and decisions by Sully’s leaders.

Responses will be asked for in the following areas:

  1. City of Sully Infrastructure & Services – Responses will be asked for things like adding more stop signs, establishing a community foundation, and rating the facilities and services of the city.
  2. Community Improvements – Are there needs, amenities, or businesses that would help attract visitors and families to the community of Sully?  This is an area where it will be okay to dream and ask yourself “what if?”.  It will be important to think outside the box for this area.
  3. Community Activities – The July 4th Celebration is a long standing event that the community of Sully is known for.  This part of the questionnaire will attempt to identify other activities that should be considered.  These would be activities that add to Sully’s “Quality of Life” and “Family Friendly” experience.

The results of the questionnaire will be published in the Hometown Press and through the City of Sully’s monthly eblast.  The Sully Betterment Committee will be reviewing the questionnaire responses with community leaders from Lynnville to determine if there are projects that could possibly be worked on jointly.   The committee asks that you begin thinking about the areas described above.  The Sully Betterment Committee’s members are representatives from the City of Sully, Sully Development, JEDCO, and other community/business persons.  More information will be provided later on how the questionnaire will be distributed and how you can provide your responses.