If you haven’t driven past the Van Wijk Winery (former Community Church), you’re missing the opportunity to see an interesting and neat building transformation.   The construction started in the spring of 2011 by Roger and Rebecca Van Wyk and their family.   Many things on the building have changed since then.  The exterior items are the most noticeable.  New windows, new doors, new roof, new tower, and soon to be completed is the Centurion stone that is being applied to all four building sides.   Work on the interior changes continues as well.  Roger and Rebecca are looking forward to a completion of the construction this summer so that they can begin producing their 16 wine varieties.  You can follow the progress of construction on the Van Wijk Facebook page.  The winery will have a gift shop.  Roger and Rebecca are reaching out to local artists around Sully.  If you have a unique gift items, go www.vanwijkwinery.com to let Roger and Rebecca know you’re interested.

South side of winery showing the Centurion stone
North side of winery showing new windows and Centurion stone
Shows the new front door, new tower, and the exterior walls prepared for the Centurion stone
Winery in the Spring of 2011 prior to start of construction

The following is timeline and description of the projected building changes and plans for the Van Wijk Winery facility.  This information was provided Rebecca Van Wyk.  Work on the outside and inside is occurring simultaneously.

Building Exterior:

  • Install custom made Balconettes for 2 tower French doors – Artistic Ironworks (Des Moines) will be doing this work (ready for installation by 3/30)
  • North steps to be torn out and replaced with steps as wide as the tower.  These will be incorporated into the handicap ramp by 3/30
  • Poured dock pad and freight door installed on North side by 3/30
  • Have requested permits for a patio on North side and deck to be built on South side.
  • Landscaping to be completed throughout the year.
  • Fencing is being planned for the property border.  Permit to be requested at a later date.

Building Interior

  • Structural support for flooring will be completed by 3/30
  • Electrical and plumbing to be completed by 3/30
  • Ceilings and exterior walls will have spray foam applied by McGriffs Spray.  4/15 is planned completion
  • Drywall to be installed by 4/30
  • Decorating and setting up will occur in stages.
  • Gift shop and Art Gallery set-up will occur between 5/1 and 5/30.  Anyone with unique gift items is encouraged to contact Roger and Rebecca.
  • Bed & Breakfast Tower rooms – available for tours 9/1.  Actual B&B rental – date to be determined.


  • A series of monthly Open Houses starting in April will permit the community to follow  the progress.  Dates will be published on Facebook and the Van Wijk Winery website.
  • Sending a series of Press Releases to various media starting 4/1
  • Hiring and interviewing – 4/1 for the Tasting Associate or Event Coordinator positions.  If interested go to www.vanwijkwinery.com and submit an inquiry via the Contact Us?
  • Request license of the Sully facility for making wine – 5/1
  • Training for new hires – 5/1

Tentative Soft Opening:  6/30 (prior to July 4) – at this point only the tasting room will be open and wine available for sale.  Customers will be able to use the entrance on Northeast side of building referred to as the Gift Shop/Bistro entrance.

Tentative Grand Opening:  9/1 (for labor day weekend) – Hoping to partner with the city and businesses/churches to do special events to attract people into Sully that weekend.  Maybe celebrating God’s bounty and the harvest by doing an annual Harvest Festival is a possibility.