Volunteering - Finding Your Place

altBy Sully Mayor Gordon Yarrington

In two months, we will have completed the Fourth of July activities. There are two choices you can make: 1) Make a difference, or 2) Let someone else do it.

In a small town, it takes everyone to get involved to make the Fourth a success. One of the easiest things we can do is always rely on the other guy to do it and then not be happy with the results. A lot of you are creative. This is not one of my strong traits, but I like to get involved and there is usually someone of the creative nature that can give me directions.

Each Fourth of July we are seeking new and fresh ideas and we need your creative talents to help give us these ideas. We will be holding a meeting in the next couple weeks for people willing to sign up and lead/help with the different activities on the Fourth. Are you one of those that has said I wish they would have done this______? You are the person we need to help keep the Sully Fourth going and interesting. On Saturday, May 26, at 7 a.m. in the Sully City Council Chambers come and make a difference. Coffee will be on and we will look forward to seeing you there. I challenge you to make a difference in the small city you live in and get involved in one of the biggest activities of the year for Sully.