THANK YOU: Reflections on 2012 Sully Fourth of Julyalt

Thank you to each one who had a hand in helping to make the 2012 Sully Fourth of July a very successful event! It was hot, but it was July in Iowa! A lot of work goes into making the Sully Fourth a special day by area residents and sometimes we take this for granted or it’s expected.

When thinking back on the events, I’d like to share my observations:

Saturday started off with a great tractor ride! Each year Ed Van Kooten and Harlan Maasdam plan the route and coordinate the set up. This year, a couple blocks of tractors took off on a very hot day, reminding each one of oats combining or hay baling as the hot wind blew in their face. Memories are special when driving their tractors and talking shop with the other drivers. While the tractors were taking off, Fred Schmidt, Roger Conn, and Teryl Ver Ploeg set the stage for the Sunday evening community worship service and Wednesday announcers.

Setting up for the Photography Contest, I know that Val Rolffs and Margaret Vander Weerdt have a lot to do with this. Setting up for Sully’s Cutest Baby Contest went over like gang busters this year and what a great idea, thanks Margaret!

Sunday the local ministerial team put on a great service enjoyed by many attendees -- from a choir, special music, a great message, and of course cookies!! No worries, they have it under control and did a great job.

Monday night, cleaning the streets for the second time were Arie Scholten, Pete Van Dyke, and Wes Van Wyk. Who knew they would have to do this twice due to the storm! But boy did the square look nice for the Fourth!

The fireworks crew did an excellent job and had many comments on how great the show was. Good job and thanks for a safe shoot, our prayers are always with you. Try wearing fire coats in the 100-degree heat and shooting off fireworks, it is appreciated by each person watching the show.

July 4 -- When blocking off the town square and setting up the parade route with the parade committee and Wes Van Wyk, how can you not notice the aroma of the sausage cooking on the grill for the Faithwalkers Breakfast? The Freedom Fun Run and the Lions Club were setting up for their events, Inspirations was setting up for the carnival and inflatables, the Garden Club was setting up for the coffee time and the art in the garden sale, and on and on. I am amazed at the teamwork that takes place and how smoothly each group functions. I would not miss the early hours of the Fourth for anything.

Kudos to the parade committee for setting up the parade and mixing it up, had many comments on how great the parade went and thanks to all the entries, even the “Navy ship” that was in town! Thanks, honor guard, for giving of your time that day and for the service to your country. Special meaning to me this year was my father participating in the flag raising. Thanks to ChyAnne Huyser for singing the National Anthem and Dwight Vander Leest for the four cannon blasts. The wagon of vets was a small percentage of all in the area who have served. We are all thankful for your service to our community and our country. Even the Van Wijk Winery grapes were walking in the parade this year. Parade committee, you are good at getting participation!

The Fun Run had a record number of runners this year. It was hot but many enjoyed the time to exercise that morning, young and old (that would be me!). I enjoy seeing faces that I may only see once a year, and Darin Arkema and team, congrats to you for such a good group doing this together!

Hats off to the Lions Club on a great meal - had a co-worker stop in this morning and rave about the meal because she got two pork loin slabs on her sandwich and she talked about the meal for a good five minutes!

Inspirations, thanks for the carnival and inflatables to make the Fourth a special time for the younger ones to enjoy and make memorable! And one cannot forget the free barrel rides that are given by the Van Kootens, too bad I do not fit in a barrel!

Thanks firemen for the waterfights that are enjoyed by everyone and letting the young ones get involved, this is starting a spark that will make them our future firefighters for the community.

It was enjoyable to watch a couple ball games out at the ballpark. People enjoying a game of ball on the Fourth -- how traditional; and thanks to those who organized this and Shelley Vander Molen and helpers for having the shack open for food and drinks, what a service for everyone!

Special thanks to Janise Gruver for the music in the Community Center. Congrats on your first-year accomplishment! I commend you on pulling this together and the great positive comments made by the people who attended. This will spark more attending next year! And a special thanks to all who sang, I appreciate your sharing of your talents for others to enjoy!

I wish I could name every person who had a hand in this special day and if I have not mentioned you, please forgive me as it was not intentional. I appreciate each and every one who made this day of memories that will be thought of again and again.

Sheryl, Wes, Teryl, Margaret -- With this steering committee I think mountains can be moved (EWI physically and the group literally). I rely a lot on you and you come through every time. Thanks again for making the Sully Fourth a special occasion enjoyed by so many.

THANK YOU from the citizens of the Sully community and from Mayor Gordon Yarrington