In the 2012 Sully Fourth of July Photography Contest, there were 53 entries (10 more than lastalt year). A computer enhanced photo by Jenny Rankin entitled “Summertime” won the “Best of Show” plaque (photo shown at right) and also the first-place ribbon in the Adult Computer Enhanced-People category. After the first three places were determined in each category, the first-place entries were judged for the “Best of Show” award. Winners are listed below.

Best of Show: Jenny Rankin, Summertime.

Computer Enhanced-People
1. Jenny Rankin, Summertime
2. Jenny Rankin, Looking Down on Me

Computer Enhanced-Other
1. Shelby Nikkel, Fountain

Adult Color-People
1. Lynnette Fikse, Drinking Up the Good Life
2. Kara Zimmerman, Life in Haiti
3. Jenny Rankin, Haiti

Adult Color-Place
1, Deb Johnson, Old Glory in Kearney, Nebraska
2. Sheryl Baarda, Clear Water Beach, Florida
3. (Tie) Dale Brand-Sunrise, Mary Fopma-Old Faithful, Kara Zimmerman-10th Anniversary of 9-11 memorial

Adult Color-Other
1. Russ Rozendaal, Iron Horse
2. (Tie) Sheryl Baarda-Forest Fungus, Kara Zimmerman-A Father’s Love
3. Russ Rozendaal, Flying High on the Fourth of July

Adult Black & White-People
1. Kara Zimmerman, G.O.L.D.

Adult Black & White-Other
1. Jenny Rankin, Haiti Hands

Youth Color-People
1. Ben Vander Molen, Blacksmith
2. Taylor Maasdam, Prom Night

Youth Color-Place
1. Ben Vander Molen, Mountains
2. Laci Keen, Colorado Stream
3. Daniel Keen, Sunset Over Grandpa and Grandma

Youth Color-Other
1. Taylor Maasdam, Running Wild
2. Laci Keen, Flower
3. Laci Keen, Hummingbird