As of July 1, 2012, Sully has a new trash and recycling services provider -- Midwest Sanitation of Pella which is operated by the Vander Meiden family. 

Recycling will now be so easy everyone should participate. One change area residents will notice is in sorting recyclable items. Thanks to Midwest's single-stream recycling program, all recyclables except glass can all be left in one container at the curb on the side of the driveway opposite of garbage, no sorting needed. 

Recyclables are now picked up and dumped into what looks like a garbage truck but customers shouldn't be alarmed if it looks like their recyclables are going into a garbage truck. It's all part of getting the recyclables to their Oskaloosa processing facility where their employees and a magnet sort the recyclables which Midwest considers more efficient than sorting curbside, for Midwest as well as residents who only have to keep glass separate.

Basically, all paper can be recycled. Plastic containers with codes 1 through 7 printed on the bottom are acceptable but they must be rinsed out. Cardboards that can be recycled include cereeal boxes and pizza boxes, as long as they are clean, and lids and paper do not have to be removed from tin cans to be recycled.

All trash and recycling must be at Sully residents' curbs by 6 a.m. Friday mornings. As in the past, each resident is allowed one 35-gallon trash bag or container for a maximum of 65 pounds per week. If residents have more than 65 pounds of trash, they need to buy a $2 self-adhesive trash tag, which covers an additional 35-gallon trash bag or container. The trash tags sold in packs of five for $10 can be purchased at the city office or library.

The $2 tag process will stay the same as the previous provider, with one exception, Midwest will push harder for recycling because the less garbage picked up, the less landfill fees anybody has to pay, including the city. In an effort to enforce limits and fees, Midwest has notification stickers to place on excess trash left without proper tags affixed.

A detailed recycling list and more details about Midwest can be found at their website, or call toll-free, 888-428-2610.