Do you care about Sully?  If you do, your presence is requested at the Sully Town Meeting scheduled for 6pm, Thursday, September 27th at the Sully Community Center.  The town meeting has two purposes.  First, projects identified by the Sully Questionnaire results need to have details and requirements identified.  This can only be done with the ideas, thoughts, and opinions that you will bring to the meeting.  Secondly, the projects need to be prioritized and volunteers need to sign up for committees to work on them.

Why is this meeting important?  Sully is an ideal community to live in and raise a family in.  If you agree with this statement, positive changes must continue to happen.  The projects that will be discussed at the Sully Town Meeting are proposing changes for our community.   If you want to have a say in these changes, you cannot stand on the side line.  You must attend this meeting and be willing to participate in a project committee.   It will also be rewarding to see the implementation of changes that you had a hand in making happen.

Who should attend the meeting?  If you care about Sully, you should attend.  This meeting is not restricted to only those living inside the city limits.  If you live outside the city limits, you’re encouraged to attend.  It should be fun and we will be eating Coffee Cup pizza.

Sully Projects Summary