The 3rd Sully Town Meeting will be held this Thursday, 11/1 at 6pm at the Sully Community Center.  All persons within and outside the community are invited to attend.   Even if you did not attend one of the first two town meetings, you  ARE encouraged to attend and express your thoughts and ideas about the two projects being worked on.  Those two projects are:

1. Central Park Planning
    * Chairperson - Trent Alberts
    * Committee Members - Craig Maasdam, Jon Van Wyk, Chad Fikse, L-S School
    * Project Scope - Identify and execute an overall plan for the Sully Central Square Park that incorporates
       the changes such as playground equipment, sidewalks, restrooms, gazebo, etc. that were identified by
       the Sully Questionnaire.  Input is needed on possible park layouts and how to get input and support
       from the community.

2. Sully "Night Out" Activities
    * Chairpersons - Janise Gruver & Rebecca Van Wyk
    * Committee Members - To Be Determined  (see brief description below)
    * Project Scope - This will be discussed at the 3rd town meeting.  The basic idea is to develop a list of
       activities that can be held in the community.  The Sully Questionnaire and first town meeting provided
       the initial list of activities.  This committee will be responsible for flushing out more details.  Initially, these
       are believed to be summer activities.   The basic goal is to have activities that permit the community of
       Sully to be showcased to its residents and visitors as a fun and quality place to live.

Don't miss this opportunity to come and share your thoughts about these two important Sully projects.  Refreshments will be served.  Child care will be provided by L-S Schools.

Sully Betterment Committee
Gordon Yarrington, Arie Scholten, Margaret Vander Weerdt, Chad Fikse, Rodney Jansen, Lori Zylstra, Jennifer Kocour, LeJon Ladwig, Shane Ehresman, Teryl Ver Ploeg, Chaz Allen (JEDCO)