The third Sully Town Meeting was held Nov. 1. Two main projects, which are several Sully questionnaire suggestions combined, were worked on, Sully “night out” events and town square rejuvenation.

The Sully “night out” events are under the leadership of Janise Gruver (phone 594-3113 or email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ) and Rebecca Van Wyk ( This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ). They brainstormed and came up with possible activities based on three different categories: “Foodie”/food rave night, the arts, and transportation.

“Foodie nights” were tentatively set for a BBQ cookoff and dubious bridge/pitch card tournament in April and a chili cookoff and dubious bridge/pitch card tournament in October.

Arts night was tentatively set for August with “America Graph-itti,“ sidewalk chalk contest and/or chalk artist, ice cream social, street dance, chess or checkers in the park, arts festival, etc.

Transportation event, possibly on July 6, could feature “planes, trains, and automobiles” with hobby train show, oldie car show, motorcycles, fly-in, remote-control airplanes, motorcycles, hot air balloon rides, lawn mower races, etc.

The second committee chaired by Trent Alberts (phone 641-990-8656 or email is focusing on the town square and they met with a goal of developing three possible town square layout options. Completing the sidewalk around the entire perimeter of the park will be part of all plans. They also reviewed the size and location of the playground and the multi-purpose concrete slab in relation to the streets and the desire to make the two symmetrical. Unanimously, it was agreed that the playground and the basketball court get regular use, and they are a nice benefit for the community. Additionally, they discussed the need to remove the gazebo, some desired locations of the bell, and possible bandstand and fountain options.

“We developed the three layout options, and they range from a simple update of equipment to some very exciting transformations including the band stand idea, a fountain, and relocation of the bell,” Alberts said. “We’ll be presenting a more detailed plan at the December meeting of the Sully City Council to prepare the city for possible expenditures and fundraising in 2013.”

The community is encouraged to contact committee members listed above if you have questions, ideas. opinions, or wish to become involved in the two projects to make them a reality.