Sully's e-blast provides a great opportunity to update the community of Sully about the Jasper County Economic Development Corporation (JEDCO) and happenings around Jasper County in other communities.  First a little about JEDCO; JEDCO was formed in 1990 to provide economic development leadership and expertise to the smaller communities of Jasper County.  JEDCO had assisted its member communities in development projects involving new business locations, existing business retention and expansion, new business start-up, housing and tourism.  Chaz Allen was hired in July of 2012 as the Executive Director of this organization.

If you turn on the news you hear a lot of bad news about a slow economy and little growth.  Jasper County was hit very hard with the loss of Maytag, but, that is becoming a thing of the past.  Many of our communities are working hard to move forward and Sully is no exception. The thought, that many hands make light work is true here.  Sully, through its community questionnaire and town meetings have put forth a great set of priorities.  These will make Sully a happening place and a place for people throughout our county and our region who will want to come for a "Night Out" in Sully in an upgraded central city park.  The volunteers are going to design some fun events to strengthen and beautify Sully's existing assets.

Other exciting things happening in the county.  Colfax is now part of the State of Iowa Main Street Program and is investing $500,000 in its downtown buildings.  This will bring life back into a community that not only suffered as a result of Maytag, but, was devastated by the recent floods.  Baxter is in the process of building a new commercial building in its downtown.  This will help to attract new part-time services businesses as well as new niche retail outlets that will help continue to revitalize its downtown.  Prairie City Economic Development is working hard to obtain ground close to its borders in order to promote new growth and build taxable value for new types of commercial endeavors.  Monroe has hired a new Economic Development professional to assist defining the assets it has to promote and attract to people and businesses to its community.

As you can see no one is sitting still waiting for things to happen, Jasper County is making things happen.  Like Sully, all of Jasper County has some great concerned citizens who volunteer their time to make their communities stronger.

~ by Chaz Allen, JEDCO Executive Director