Sully’s central park revitalization was one of 18 beautification projectskib_logo awarded a Keep Iowa Beautiful Grant for the 2013 Community Beautification Program. Keep Iowa Beautiful (KIB) has announced $80,000 in grants. This is the third year of the grant program that provides a major boost for community beautification and enhancement in communities of 5,000 and under.

The grant will be used for moving and replacing a 60'x60' multi-purpose court in the northwest corner of the Sully central park.

“In the three-year history of the Beautification Grant Program, $240,000 has been awarded to 59 communities in Iowa,” said Gerry Schnepf, Executive Director of KIB, “building stronger more vibrant and beautiful communities.”

Funding and reimbursement is available for expenses incurred only after July 1, 2013, and the project must be completed by June 30, 2014. Funding is authorized by the Iowa Legislature from the Solid Waste Alternative Program (SWAP). Sully was one of 11 of the 18 projects receiving the highest amount available, $5,000 for any one project.