Community input is requested on this concept sample with most suggested features shown and some of the present trees, tables, and benches shown, but not totally in proportion. The multi-purpose court and playground areas would measure 60’x60’ and the stage/shelter area would measure 24’x32’. Pease make your comments by clicking here or on the form from the Hometown Press dated June 13, 2013

The Sully Central Park Revitalization Committee members – Trent Alberts, chairman, Jon Van Wyk, Craig Maasdam, and Murray Zegers – have studied the present Sully central park and the suggestions from the Sully Community Questionnaire completed in early 2012 and the town meetings held in October and November of last year. A sample concept of the revitalization has been made. The purpose of the questionnaire was to allow Sully’s residents to express their opinions about the services, parks, facilities, and needs of the community. The questionnaire was a success because 185 (22 percent) of Sully’s residents responded. The number-one project identified by the respondents was the upgrading of Sully’s central park, “The Square.” The residents prioritized and voted for the changes they wanted to see made in “The Square” with three major upgrade areas: Replace the playground playset and extend the sidewalk all the way around the park, replace and reduce the size of the multi-purpose court, and replace the park’s gazebo with a larger stage/bandstand type structure.

The proposed plan combines those ideas and suggestions. Details for the items in the plan are now needed along with volunteer labor and funding. The committee applied for and received a $5,000 Keep Iowa Beautiful Grant designated for the move and replacement of the multi-purpose court in the northwest corner, which must be completed by June 30, 2014, according to the terms of the grant.

The total square project, to be completed in several phases over the next two to three years, has been estimated at over $150,000. The city’s 2013-2014 budget has allocated about $60,000 to the project and The Sully Foundation, PO Box 121, Sully, has been formed to accept donations for the project and other projects in Sully.

“Our central park is a great asset to our community, but the survey showed that residents want it to be an even better asset,” said Sully Mayor Gordon Yarrington. “The committee has been especially sensitive about retaining the full-grown trees and incorporating current donated items into the revitalized park design if feasible. For example, the Sully school bell will remain in the park but the gazebo and concrete multi-purpose court will be removed. The rose garden will be moved to the stage/shelter area and/or the bell/flag pole area. The multi-purpose court and gazebo are showing wear and have served the park well. The gazebo is available to the bank which originally donated it or to anyone willing to remove it.”

All work is to be scheduled without interfering with July 4 celebrations this year and next year, Yarrington noted. The proposed three phases for revitalization are:

  • Phase 1: Removal of gazebo, rose garden, and multi-purpose court and installation of a new multi-purpose concrete court by June 30, 2014;
  • Phase 2: Installation of sidewalk around the perimeter, construction of announcer stand disguising electrical panel, bell stand redesign with permanent flag pole, and construction of new handicap accessible stage/shelter; and
  • Phase 3: Complete landscaping and replace playground equipment. The playground equipment is last because it will be the most expensive and is still very usable even though it has served the community over 30 years and the wood looks worn.

A splash pool was another item identified in several surveys along with a revitalization of the Sully Ballpark. The committee has determined that a splash pool would be better suited to the Sully Ballpark revitalization instead of “The Square” due to availability of water and sewer utilities and the number of other items in “The Square.” Revitalization of the Sully Ballpark will be a future project when “The Square” is completed.

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