The city has heard talk of wanting a police officer to patrol the streets of Sully. There were plenty of responses on the community survey last year as well as plenty of word of mouth that people think this is a need. So again the city has been looking into what it would take.  
We found the city of Wayland, Iowa pays their officers a salary of $90,000 a year for 40+ hours a week. They are a community of just under 1,000 people. Even with two officers working roughly 100 hours a week; that still leaves 68 hours a week that no officer is on duty. The officers would also have to spend some time in court facing those people wishing to fight tickets. So the hours without a patrol happening are going up, or you are hiring more officers. While the officers are in court defending the tickets you will also be paying a city attorney to be assisting them.  
You also have to consider the cost of having one or two police vehicles. In 2009 the city of Topeka, Kansas paid $42,000 per Dodge Charger police car. Then you add in the fact that some type of holding cell would be needed, and that we would still be paying the county for their dispatch service and your total runs up quickly. 
So our current situation with the Sheriff's office: We currently pay $22,600 a year for them to patrol for us. This is our cost for all services, facilities, and vehicles. With a new Sheriff and team in place they are changing up the way Sully is patrolled. We have heard from the Sheriff's Office that they are not getting calls/complaints from Sully. They assume if they aren't hearing from us that things are fine. If people would call in, the Sheriff says they could start to develop patterns of when problems are happening as well as a better idea of what to look for while in town. It's hard for us to evaluate the services we have in place when they are not being utilized. 
We ask you to start calling in any problems you observe. The non-emergency number for the Jasper County office is 641-792-5912. Put it in your cell phone contacts and call when you see a problem. Depending on their location, an officer could be just minutes away!