This will be my last article for the City of Sully’s website, and as I end this segment of time, I just want to say it was a joy to work with each group and individual in Sully throughout the last 22 years serving as your mayor. There were three projects that I wanted to do in my next term in Sully, and I have been blessed to see two out of the three put into motion and the third a good possibility. 

  1. To see the Freedom Rock set in place in the town square. This will have special meaning to so many people as a place to gather and remember the people who have served and are serving in the service. What a drawing item for Sully to have and represent Jasper County.
  2. 1st Avenue USDA Loan approved through Sully Telephone to fund the city’s portion of this project.
  3. The possibility of 1st Street being picked for a CIRTPA Grant and a USDA Loan approved through Sully Telephone to fund the city’s portion of this project. 

The vision for Sully will continue to be what we can do to continue to grow and build our community. We have to look to the future to keep the schools so the community thrives. How do we bring tourism into the city so more dollars are used in the local businesses? The Freedom Rock, Coffee Cup Café, and Van Wyjk Winery are three examples of places that will draw people off the highway into our community.  

Future vision must not be lost, or we will become stagnate and stay at the current status quo. More enrollment will be required in our school systems by the state in future years. The Janco expansion is one that will help grow Sully and bring families into our community! These types of visions and companies giving us the opportunity to offer them our services will be critical.  

Thank you for the opportunity to serve you as your mayor and working with you and for you the past 22 years. Sully is home to my family, and I am proud of the community!  Gordon Yarrington