Citizens of Sully:

The amount of landfill fees paid by the City has been steadily increasing and if this trend continues we may have to increase fees. Therefore, the Council would like to remind citizens of Sully’s trash collection guidelines.

  • Curbside trash collection is provided to all single-family, duplex and multi-family residential units as long as the dwelling does not receive trash service from a dumpster or other common collection container.
  • One 35-gallon container of trash weighing up to 65 pounds will be collected each week from each residence. 
  • A tag must be purchased for each additional bag or container of trash in excess of 35 gallons per week. Tags may be purchased at the Sully city office and the Sully Community Library for $10 per pack of five tags.
  • A tag must be attached to each trash bag or placed on the top item inside each trash container so that the tag is visible. DO NOT attach the tag directly onto the trash container or lid. 
  • Excess trash without a tag WILL NOT be collected. 
  • Trash is collected each Friday. The fee for trash service is $8.50 per month. This fee will apply even if trash service is not used. 
  • Place trash at the curb before 6:00 am on Friday morning. All containers should be removed from the curb promptly following collection. 
  • Do not place large items such as carpet, air conditioners, major appliances or items that do not fit into a bag or trash container at the curb for normal weekly collection. Arrange for disposal of large items separately or bring them directly to the landfill. 
  • Yard waste is not considered trash and will not be collected as part of the weekly trash collection service. 

Recycling service is also available and the cost is included in the trash service fee. Recycling is very easy and the Council encourages everyone to participate because all recycling efforts help to minimize our landfill weight and therefore help control price increases.

  • Curbside recycling collection is a residential service provided to each household.
  • Collection of recyclable items coincides with weekly trash service. 
  • Place recyclable items at the curb in a separate spot from your trash. 
  • Use open containers that allow collection workers to easily identify recyclable items. Examples to use would be recycle bins, storage tubs without the lid and laundry baskets – do not place recyclable items in trash bags or plastic sacks that are tied shut. 
  • All recyclables except glass can all be left in one container – no sorting needed. 
  • Basically, all paper can be recycled. Plastic containers with codes 1 through 7 printed on the bottom are acceptable but they must be rinsed out. Cardboards that can be recycled include cereal boxes and pizza boxes, as long as they are clean. Lids and paper do not have to be removed from tin cans in order to be recycled. 

Midwest Sanitation of Pella provides these services and will be notified of these guidelines and will be instructed to leave all excess trash at the curb if the required tags are not attached. As landfill fees increase recycling is more critical because the less trash picked up, the less landfill fees the city has to pay. We ask for your cooperation on this matter; otherwise trash fees may need to be increased.

~ Sully City Council