altIt's that time of the year to look back on what 2014 was like for the City of Sully. Several things have been done in town with help from a lot of people, which if it wasn't for those people, most things wouldn't get done. Acknowledging that, I would like to say thank you to all.  The Jasper County Freedom Rock was completed with amazing success. The city basketball court has been replaced; the alley between Coffee Cup Cafe and the professional building has been upgraded.  Two new businesses have been built in the business park.  As many of you know, the central park will be under a lot of reconstruction to help not only looks but use of the park.  The Sully Foundation is accepting donations for new playground equipment.  The community library has been helped as well through this foundation and all donations are used to help improve things in our community.

Goals for year 2015:  Replace playground equipment, set up a stage/shelter in the central park, and replace 1st Avenue.  

Again, I would like to say THANKS to all who have helped financially and in person, without great people that care for this great town, none of this would be possible.