The Sully Central Park Playset Committee has teamed up with The Principal Charity Classic Golf Tournament to raise funds for the Sully Central Park playset.  Birdies For Charity enables a person to pledge an amount they’re willing to pay for the total number of birdies the golf pros will make during the golf tournament that will be played June 5-7. The minimum pledge amount is five cents per birdie. In 2014, there were 843 total birdies. This would be a $42.15 donation. If you don’t want to make a birdie pledge, you also have the option to make a one-time flat donation amount (minimum $25).

One-hundred percent of the donations and pledges will go to the Sully Central Park playset project fund.  Plus all your donations and pledges are tax deductible.

How do you participate or make a pledge? Two ways are available to choose from.

1. Fill out a pledge form and return it to the Sully City Clerk’s Office. Click here to view and print the pledge form and additional details.

----- OR -----

2. Go to link. Then click the “DONATE NOW” link to fill out the form. You must choose “THE SULLY FOUNDATION” charity.