Many hands made light work as volunteers spent Friday, May 29, installing the new playground equipment at the Sully Central Park. The original two-day installation plans were cut in half due to the outpouring of volunteer help. Approximately 20 people, mostly volunteers, provided the manpower needed to construct the ADA-approved playground under the direction of a project supervisor from Boland Recreation. The volunteers worked steadily, splitting into two groups to assemble the playset, ten spin merry-go-round, overhead monkey bars, and swingset by 3:30 p.m. With the work ahead of schedule, the concrete was able to be poured into the 49 holes for the equipment by 5 p.m. Teryl Ver Ploeg, chairman of the Sully Central Park playground committee, said about the progress of Friday's work, "Completing the installation in one day was made possible by the good workers, and the equipment we had at our disposal." Other members of the committee were Amy Harthoorn, Stephanie Rozendaal, and Jessica Winegar.

In photo at right, volunteers remaining at the end of the productive day on May 27 pose on and around the new playground: Front, Jordan Judkins (Boland rep.), Dennis Snodgrass, Jim Vander Weerdt, Donavon DePenning, Warren Terpstra, Arie Scholten, Jessica Winegar, Teryl Ver Ploeg, Brad Rozendaal, David Jansen, Dick Ver Ploeg, Mark Mack (Boland rep.); back, Terrance McCuddin (in tube), Bruce Dunsbergen, Tim Jansen, Shannon Dusnbergen, Ryan Milledge, Jason Van Ersvelde; not pictured, Jeff Corbett, Nick DePenning, Darrel Jansen, Shaun Needham, Holden Jansen, TJ Cunningham, Kyle Kramer, Amy Harthoorn, and Stephanie Rozendaal.