welcometosullywi-fiPeople can now connect on Sully’s town square – with free Wi-Fi that is.

Beginning in mid-July, a wireless connection called “Sully Downtown Hotspot” has been available to people on the square. It was made possible through the work of the Hometown Pride Committee and the Sully Telephone Association.

Jack DeAngelo, manager of Sully Telephone, said getting free Wi-Fi on the square was on his list of ideas to implement when he started his position last year. When Diane Vos of the Hometown Pride Committee approached him expressing interest in having some kind of wireless access downtown, the wheels started turning. Since an antenna was already in place to bring the Wi-Fi, it didn’t take long to get the connection up and going.

Vos said the Sully Betterment Committee’s community questionnaire, taken by the town’s citizens back in 2012, was one of the original indicators Wi-Fi on the square would be a good idea.

“That was one of the items on the survey that they wanted,” she said.

In recent months, the Hometown Pride Community Coach hired for Jasper County encouraged committee members from Sully to pursue getting Wi-Fi downtown.

“We thought we’d look into it to see if we could make it happen,” Vos said. She approached DeAngelo a little over a month ago. Now the Wi-Fi is up and running.

To connect to the Wi-Fi, find the “Sully_Downtown_Hotspot” network and allow your device to connect to it. A login page will appear with a username and password already filled in. Click “OK,” and a “Welcome to Sully” greeting page will appear.

The greeting page lets visitors know of some attractions in the area – both on and off the square.

If people lose the hotspot signal, they should try moving to a different part of the square. “The signal varies around the square due to trees and other obstacles,” DeAngelo explained.

It’s a good thing for Sully to have Wi-Fi downtown, he added, especially for when the town hosts events on the square.