altIt is that time again for an update of what's going on in and around Sully.

1stAvenue is almost complete. There is still some ditch work and grass seeding to do to finalize that project.

As many have seen, and some have even had the chance already to see a concert there, the stage/shelter is nearly complete in central park. Phase one is almost complete. When completely finished, it will have stone on the bottom and around the poles to the north.

With this being constructed, we have noticed a few things I would like to address if I could. With the stage. we are seeing several bikes riding up the handicap ramp and jumping them off the steps. With the Jasper County Freedom Rock, I would like to remind everyone that this is a memorial to all soldiers both active and retired. So I ask as a favor from them, please don't climb on the Freedom Rock or ride bikes on the stage. We as the city understand things happen, but out of respect, we appreciate help from everyone on this matter.

If you haven't noticed yet, please take a walk through the Sully Lion's Club Courtyard beside the Coffee Cup Cafe and see what a wonderful job those men and women have done.

This community makes me be proud to say I'm from Sully.

One more thing I should mention is due to farm machinery coming into our community, please give them some space. Also, I would like to remind the farmers that are coming to town and others as well this time of the year, there are several children playing (sometimes on the street). Please slow down and watch for them so we can make this a safe season for all involved.

Thanks for the time and hope you all have a blessed fall season. -- Brent Vander Molen