brent vander molen

As I sit here to type this, I am looking back at the past few months and what has happened. One word that comes to mind is "blessed."

We in our community are blessed to be able to celebrate our freedom in this great country the
way we do. Our celebration always starts the same way each year and for that I am thankful. We are blessed to have people who spend many hours getting ready for, setting up, and running the Fourth of July celebration, as well as cleaning up afterwards.

We have something that we in the community should be very proud of.

Just an update, we were hoping to have 1st Street resurfaced by now, but the county had a delay. It
is to be done yet this year the last we have heard. The city has to pay for this but we will be doing it with the
county so this should make bids come in lower than if we did this on our own.

Concerning the stage/shelter in central park, we are still needing to put stone on this and install a drinking fountain as well as a faucet. The drinking fountain and faucet have not been put on due to waiting for the stone so we can try to match it.

In conclusion of this update, I would like to thank all the people who  make this community a great
place to call home and raise our children.