smoke testingThe City of Sully will be smoke testing sanitary sewer lines in late September or early October, once dry weather conditions return.  The purpose of the smoke testing is to determine the condition of the sanitary sewer system.  The testing will be conducted on a weekday by City representatives with the assistance of Garden & Associates.
The smoke should not enter the premises unless a leak is present in the plumbing or unless there is no water in basement floor drain traps or in plumbing fixture (sinks, showers, or bathtubs) drain traps.  It is important that the traps in drains be filled with water to prevent smoke from entering the premises.  
The smoke is non-toxic and will dissipate quickly.  If smoke is detected in the premises please notify the Fire Department by dialing 911, and please notify City Hall by dialing 641-594-3493.
Questions or concerns about smoke testing program should be directed to Barbra Maasdam at 641-594-3493.