I just want to give a quick letter and challenge everyone.  It has been brought to my attention that we as a city have a few things to discuss.  Please note – if someone has a complaint on anything in the city you must fill out a complaint form and sign it so the council can investigate.  The first thing I have received lately is the fact that the airport grass strip and the ball diamonds are being used for dog facilities or bathrooms.  Please! If you own a dog be responsible and clean up after them by picking up their waste.  Our children will be playing ball soon and I’m sure that parents don’t want them to track that mess into their homes.  Second – please keep children and young adults off the roofs of the playground equipment and the ball park concession stand.  This is not only a safety issue but also this would allow the property to last longer.  The last thing I have a huge problem with is the fact that some children climb on the Jasper County Freedom Rock.  The Freedom Rock is a tribute to all those people that have served and some even gave their lives for us and their country.  This shocks me because I don’t see children climb on tombstones at the cemetery so please don’t allow them to climb on the Freedom Rock.  I know this is sounding like I am a grumpy old man but I am willing to guess many people in our community would agree.  So please… if you see people doing any of these things just ask them to stop and get down or simply pick up after their dog.  I believe this community can make a difference.  I am proud to call Sully home and I would like to think that with some help all these things will be stopped.  I thank you in advance for all your help.

Mayor Brent Vander Molen