Sully Christian School past and present staff members, students, and their families joined community supporters in the 100-year celebration of providing Christian education over the Labor Day weekend, Aug. 30-Sept. 1, 2013, with the theme “Rooted in Faith.” Even the temperature took part in the party with the mercury rising to 100 degrees on Friday, Aug. 30.

The official celebration began Friday, Aug. 30, with the school students, staff, parents, and grandparents treated by the Centennial Committee with lunch and games from 11:30 a.m.-3:30 p.m. A launch of 100 balloons (shown below) was part of Friday's celebration, along with the serving with birthday cake.


Saturday, Aug. 31, free coffee and SCS Head Teacher Karen Hackert's famous donuts were served at the Sully Ballpark. A softball tournament was held with the Sully Christian Reformed Church team winning the league championship. Members of the team shown in the accompanying photo are: Front, Brian Ochsner, Samantha Collins, Jodi De Vries, and Landon Van Zante; back row, Duane Collins, Jason Lowry, Eric Fynaardt, Randy De Vries, Matt Van Maanen, Kevin Van Maanen, and Alex Van Wyngarden. The inflatable water slide with spraying water was a popular game for the kids, along with snow cones, cotton candy, and kettlecorn. Lunch was available at the concession stand, served by Angels in Aprons.

Sunday, Sept. 1, at 9:30 a.m., a celebration worship service was held in the Sully Christian School gym with alum Todd Zylstra leading the service.

School tours were given throughout the weekend and in the prize drawing, Tim Collins won an iPad.

Saturday night, a banquet and program was held with Dordt College President Emeritus Dr. Carl Zylstra as the featured speaker and Country Catering serving the meal. Zylstra's grandfather was on the original board that founded SCS.

The centennial verse “So then, just as you received Christ Jesus as Lord, continue to live in Him, rooted and built up in Him, strengthened in the faith as you were taught, and overflowing with thankfulness,” Colossians 2:6-7 expresses all the emotions of 100 years.

One hundred years ago, the founders of Sully Christian School had the desire to provide a Christian education for their children. They wanted an education for their children based on the word of God so that those strong roots of Christian faith would provide the foundation to live in Him, being strengthened in the faith. They stepped forward in faith so that their children could be taught in the Christian faith.

It is with overflowing thankfulness that friends and alumni look forward to celebrating those 100 years.

A “Centennial Book” is still available for $7.50 and can be purchased at the school.

The School Centennial Committee thanks everyone involved for the joyous celebration of thanking God for 100 years of faithfulness.

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2013_softball_stateThe Lynnville-Sully softball team capped off the 2013 season with a thrilling seventh-inning rally for a 4-3 win over Remsen-St. Mary’s on Wednesday, July 24, at the state tournament held in Fort Dodge. After a heartbreaking first-round loss on July 22, 6-5 to Don Bosco, the Hawks dominated the consolation bracket, beating the Janesville Wildcats 8-0 July 24 and then taking on St. Mary’s the same day. The Hawks went 2-1 at state, claiming fifth place, the highest an L-S softball team has ever finished. The team finished with an overall record of 38-6 and were ranked as high as sixth in Class 1A. The Hawks have no graduating seniors on the team, making the future of Hawk softball very bright. Above, the team with its fifth-place state tournament trophy is from left: Front row, Riley Rockwell, Kasiah Ehresman, Brenna Lanser, Madison Rasmusson, Haley Hood, Haley James, Kristal Beyer; back row, Coach Stacey Alberts, Coach Scott Alberts, Jade Van Rees, Shaylin Lukehart, Lysandra James, Rachel Van Wyk, Shelby Davis, Bayli Van Maanen, Becca Vos, and Coach Caitlin Cross.

The “heartbeat” of the city consists of elected and appointed officials.  Our elected officials are the Mayor and Council Members.  Our appointed officials are Library Board of Trustees, Board of Adjustment, Planning and Zoning Commission, City Clerk and Treasurer.

The mayor is the chief executive officer of the city and presides over council meetings and maintains order.  The mayor cannot vote on items before the council, but can veto an ordinance or resolution of the council.

The authority of the city resides in the city council.  The council votes on and passes motions, resolutions and ordinances.  Resolutions are statements of policy and ordinances are the laws of the city.  The votes of each council member are recorded in the minutes of a meeting.  The council also approves expenditures, the budget and budget amendments, contracts, city policies and zoning changes.  The City Clerk has many responsibilities that are set by the Code of Iowa.  Each city also appoints a city attorney to provide legal advice.

Collectively these officials come together and offer their time and talents for public service.  Each and every one takes the opportunity to represent the City of Sully with integrity, professionalism and making all decisions based on what is the very best for our community.

This election year there are 4 vacancies; Mayor and three Council Member positions that will be filled November 5, 2013.  The City of Sully is fortunate to have so many good people to offer their time and talent.  Do not be afraid to offer of yourself and become even more involved in the community.  If you are interested in becoming more involved, call the city office at 594-3493 for more details.  The campaign process as well as the election process is extremely date sensitive so please call now.

The business of city government presents a unique opportunity for individuals to resolve issues, accomplish goals and affect the future of your community.

The City of Sully has three (3) four-year term positions open for council members now held by Brent Vander Molen, Wes Van Wyk, and Lori Zylstra, as well as the two-year term position for mayor now held by Gordon Yarrington. Nomination papers for these positions may be picked up at either the city office or the Jasper County Auditor’s office beginning Monday, August 26 and must be returned to the City Clerk by 5:00 pm on Thursday, September 19, 2013. The election will be November 5, 2013.

altThe weather was perfect for the Sully Fourth of July parade and all the other events held with a huge crowd attending. 

The Lynnville-Sully Class of 1963 was set to celebrate their 50th class reunion on July 6 and had a six-part entry in the parade which won the overall grand prize. Judy Ver Steegt and Eleanor Jansen carried the banner. Paul Hackert and Virgil Terpstra were int he 1963 Chevy pickup. Riding the 2013 Chevy pickup were Melvin and Shirley Dunsbergen, Bryce Vander Kamp, and Gary  Vander Wilt. Doug Watson, Curt Macy, and Gene Vos rode an Oliver tractor. Riding the 2013 Ford pickup were Larry Renaud, Donna Bruinsma, Dian Van Dalen, Dianne James, Jan De Goey, and Marilyn Van Soelen. The sixth part of the entry was a 1963 Chevrolet convertible with Dwight Vander Leest and David Figland in side.

Other parade winners were;

Large Floats:

1. First State Bank

2. Sully Christian School

3. Zuidema family

Small Floats:A

1. We Are the Present-Megan Van Zante and Denali Conover, We Are the Past-Alexy Convoer as Statue of Liberty, and Klayton Van Dyke as Uncle Sam, We Are the Future-Krystal Van Dyke as mom and children, We The People-Everyone.

2. Ben and Jack Vos of Pellawho are grandsons of Eldon and Brenda Nikkel of Sully

3. Lynnville Heart of Worship


1. Stella Turnbull

2. Danica De Geeter

3. Zylstra family


1. Doug Veenstra with 1970 JD 112 patio series tractor

2. Jamie Van Kooten and family with 1972 JD 5200 self-propelled forage harvester, 2012 JD self-propelled forage harvester, and JD pedal tractor

3. Verlan Brand with 1955 Farmall 200 with two-point hitch, 1969 New Idea one-row cornpicker Model 323-one of last ones made, and 1958 McCormick wagon owned by LeRoy Van Maanen


1. L-S Class of 1958

2. Stan Harms

3. Jordan Vander Molen


1. Lynnville Saddle Club

2. Terry Nikkel family

3. Horn Family

Watch for more results and pictures for the 2013 Fourth of July. 

The city has heard talk of wanting a police officer to patrol the streets of Sully. There were plenty of responses on the community survey last year as well as plenty of word of mouth that people think this is a need. So again the city has been looking into what it would take.  
We found the city of Wayland, Iowa pays their officers a salary of $90,000 a year for 40+ hours a week. They are a community of just under 1,000 people. Even with two officers working roughly 100 hours a week; that still leaves 68 hours a week that no officer is on duty. The officers would also have to spend some time in court facing those people wishing to fight tickets. So the hours without a patrol happening are going up, or you are hiring more officers. While the officers are in court defending the tickets you will also be paying a city attorney to be assisting them.  
You also have to consider the cost of having one or two police vehicles. In 2009 the city of Topeka, Kansas paid $42,000 per Dodge Charger police car. Then you add in the fact that some type of holding cell would be needed, and that we would still be paying the county for their dispatch service and your total runs up quickly. 
So our current situation with the Sheriff's office: We currently pay $22,600 a year for them to patrol for us. This is our cost for all services, facilities, and vehicles. With a new Sheriff and team in place they are changing up the way Sully is patrolled. We have heard from the Sheriff's Office that they are not getting calls/complaints from Sully. They assume if they aren't hearing from us that things are fine. If people would call in, the Sheriff says they could start to develop patterns of when problems are happening as well as a better idea of what to look for while in town. It's hard for us to evaluate the services we have in place when they are not being utilized. 
We ask you to start calling in any problems you observe. The non-emergency number for the Jasper County office is 641-792-5912. Put it in your cell phone contacts and call when you see a problem. Depending on their location, an officer could be just minutes away!

By Margaret Vander Weerdt, Hometown Press, Sullyalt

                Janco Industries, Inc., located at 101 1st Street on the west edge of Sully, will be expanding its business on lots 12-15 of the southwest corner of the Sully Business Park after considering local options as well as those in nearby cities. The project will be completed in two phases, according to owners Joel and Deann Jansen and Susan and  Mike Jansen (shown in photo.. The first phase to be completed in 2014 will involve constructing a 50,000-square foot facility to perform manufacturing, warehousing, and distribution operations and a 9,000-square foot two-story office. The Jansens plan to begin construction this fall and will soon select a contractor for their project estimated at $2.5 million. The first phase will add five to 20 full-time employees. A completion date is undetermined for the second phase to construct an additional 30,000-square foot facility and add an estimated 30 employees. This project leaves only lot 5 available in the business park.

                A key to the expansion in Sully was the approval by the board of Sully Telephone Association at its May meeting for Janco’s Rural Economic Development Loan (REDL) for $1 million from the United States Department of Agriculture. The City of Sully’s project package for Janco was approved at its June 10 regular meeting and includes four items:

1. Economic Development Grant of $102,330 to purchase the property in the Sully Business Park; 2. TIF Rebate Agreement for 10 years for the property taxes generated from the property valuation increment for the construction of a 59,000-square foot office and manufacturing facility; 3. TIF Development Grant for added full-time employees at $1,500 each over 34 employee-basis as of Mar. 31 and new employees must be retained for two years as determined annually on June 30 for the next 10 years; and 4. The City of Sully will submit a RISE Grant with 20 percent match to pave West 2nd Avenue to the Janco property line and also upgrade 1st Avenue.

                Janco Industries is a family-owned, specialized metal fabrication company founded more than 40 years ago by Ron Jansen when he opened a truck repair and equipment shop called Star Auto Company. After doing business as Janco Industries under Star Auto Company, Janco became its own corporation in 1999. Following Ron’s retirement, his sons Joel and Mike purchased the company and currently service such diverse industries as construction, agriculture, and recreational.

alt                In August 2010, Janco purchased Handy Industries in Marshalltown. Handy is known for making high-quality motorcycle lifts, truck tailgates, and shop accessories. All the metal fabrication of Handy's products is done in the Sully-based manufacturing facility until the point where it is welded. At that point, it is shipped to the Marshalltown facility to be powder coated, assembled, and packaged.