With the celebration of Independence Day over, a few thoughts come to mind.  

First, how great it is that we as a city are able to start our activities of the day with prayer. Most people don't think about this, but it is a very important thing to be celebrated as well.

Second, THANK YOU to all the service men and women who make it possible to live in the land of the free and home of the brave.  

Third, a huge THANK YOU to all the individuals and groups who did so much work and thoughts to make the celebration possible.

I would also like to look at what all has been completed in the last few months.  1st Avenue is almost complete and the new playground equipment is installed in the central park even earlier than the council had predicted. Since fundraising went so well, we were able to replace it a few years ahead of schedule. 

All of this makes me so glad to call Sully home for me and my family.

2015_july_4thIt was a perfect day for the annual Sully Fourth of July celebration 2015 on Saturday, July 4, from the weather, to the large crowd gathered around the square, to the fun-filled activities planned throughout the patriotic day. The day's theme was "Pride In Our Past ... Faith In Our Future."

Following the early morning 20th Annual Freedom Fun Run with a record 369 participants, Faithwalkers breakfast, and more, people lined the streets of the Sully square two to three rows deep to catch a glimpse of the 65 entries making up the annual parade. In the kiddie parade, 25 decorated entries in red, white, and blue circled the Sully square.

After the parade, the central park served as a hub of activity. The Sully Lions Club served their annual meal with $3,078 realized for communitiy projects, Inspirations Childcare and Preschool hosted carnival games, the Van Kooten family entertained with kids' barrel train rides, and the new playground equipment was broken in with hundreds of children checking it out. Deep Rock Ice Cream Shoppe and Van Wijk Winery drew large crowds, the old hardware store being restored was open to view, waterfights were held, and softball games were played before fireworks in the southwest corner of town concluded the celebration.

Pictures and Results of the parade judging follow.

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altA sincere and big THANK YOU to the individuals, businesses, and organizations who helped make the new playground and swingset in the Sully Central Park a reality. It could not have been accomplished without you.

Sully Central Park Playset Committee: Amy Harthoorn, Jessica Winegar, Stephanie Rozendaal, Teryl Ver Ploeg


Many hands made light work as volunteers spent Friday, May 29, installing the new playground equipment at the Sully Central Park. The original two-day installation plans were cut in half due to the outpouring of volunteer help. Approximately 20 people, mostly volunteers, provided the manpower needed to construct the ADA-approved playground under the direction of a project supervisor from Boland Recreation. The volunteers worked steadily, splitting into two groups to assemble the playset, ten spin merry-go-round, overhead monkey bars, and swingset by 3:30 p.m. With the work ahead of schedule, the concrete was able to be poured into the 49 holes for the equipment by 5 p.m. Teryl Ver Ploeg, chairman of the Sully Central Park playground committee, said about the progress of Friday's work, "Completing the installation in one day was made possible by the good workers, and the equipment we had at our disposal." Other members of the committee were Amy Harthoorn, Stephanie Rozendaal, and Jessica Winegar.

In photo at right, volunteers remaining at the end of the productive day on May 27 pose on and around the new playground: Front, Jordan Judkins (Boland rep.), Dennis Snodgrass, Jim Vander Weerdt, Donavon DePenning, Warren Terpstra, Arie Scholten, Jessica Winegar, Teryl Ver Ploeg, Brad Rozendaal, David Jansen, Dick Ver Ploeg, Mark Mack (Boland rep.); back, Terrance McCuddin (in tube), Bruce Dunsbergen, Tim Jansen, Shannon Dusnbergen, Ryan Milledge, Jason Van Ersvelde; not pictured, Jeff Corbett, Nick DePenning, Darrel Jansen, Shaun Needham, Holden Jansen, TJ Cunningham, Kyle Kramer, Amy Harthoorn, and Stephanie Rozendaal.

June 15 is the deadline for those desiring to honor veterans with a personalized paver at the Jasper County Freedom Rock by July 4, 2015.

In front of the Jasper County Freedom Rock in the Sully Central Park is a 12’ x 14’ area for 663 pavers to be set.

These pavers are being sold to families to place in honor of anyone that has served in the military service.  The person does not need to live in Jasper County or in Iowa.  This is a memorial for service personnel and recognition of their service to our country.  The pavers will be engraved with their name and service branch and whatever else will fit on the paver, such as years in the service and rank  

The price for a 4” x 8” paver is $75 and for an 8” x 8” paver is $125.

Click here for a paver order form

Order forms are also available at the Hometown Press in Sully.

The RISE Paving Project in Sully is on schedule even though there have been some rainy days.alt

Early in May, the north portion of 1st Avenue (shown at right) opened. After years of city officials' work on paving for 1st Avenue on the west edge of Sully, Thursday morning, Apr. 30, the paving began at the north end of the street.  A RISE Grant helped make the project a reality. General contractor is Blommers Construction Inc. of Pella. The city's engineer is Brad Uitermarkt of Garden and Associates of Oskaloosa.